The Human Mind Has Two Parts: Will and Intellect

Each word of the verse of Genesis 3:24 holds such deep secrets that they could never be uncovered.  They relate to the inborn character of the people who were destroyed in the Flood, a character completely different from that of the people living after the Flood.

Let me say just a little about it.  The most distant ancestors of this generation, who formed the earliest church, had a heavenly character and so were sown with heavenly seed.  Their descendants consequently had in them seed from a heavenly source.  Because of its heavenly source, the nature of this seed is to cause love to reign throughout the whole mind and unify it

The human mind has two parts: will and intellect.  The will holds love or goodness, the intellect holds faith or truth.  From love (goodness) the people of that time perceived what belonged to faith (to truth), so that their minds were unified.  The offspring of such people keep the same seed inside them, which is perilous if they turn away from the truth and goodness, because they then corrupt their whole mind to such an extent that it can hardly be restored in the other life.

The situation is different for people who do not have heavenly but instead spiritual seed inside them–those living after the Flood, for example, and those who live in modern times.  Such people have no love and therefore no will to do good.  Faith is still possible, though; in other words, they are able to comprehend truth.  Faith or an understanding of truth can lead them to a kind of charity, although they arrive at it by another way.  Their way lies through conscience, which is instilled in them by the Lord and is formed out of a knowledge of truth and of the good that results from it.  So their circumstances are radically different from those of the people who predated the Flood.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 1, Section 310

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