Our Quality

Our quality is entirely determined by what controls our life.  That is what distinguishes us from each other.  That is what determines our heaven if we are good and our hell if we are evil.

It is our essential will, everything we claim to be, and our nature.  In fact, it is the very substance of our life.  It cannot be changed after death because it is what we really are.

Everything we find pleasing, satisfying, and happy comes to us from our ruling love and answers to it.  We call whatever we love pleasing because that is how it feels to us.  While we can also call something pleasing that we think about but do not love, that is not a pleasing of our life.

To enjoy our love stands as what is good in our estimation, and anything we do not enjoy stands as what is bad in our estimation.

from Regeneration, Page 5, 6

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