The Hells of Those who Spent Their Lives in Adultery (Continued)

There were some of each sex from the so-called Christian world who during bodily life considered their adulteries not only allowable but even sacred and for this reason contracted group “marriages”(as they so profanely called them) under the appearance of sanctity.

As I watched, they were sent to Gehenna, but when they arrived there, a change occurred. Gehenna’s fiery glimmer, which is red-hot, became white-hot at their approach, and their inability to get along together became perceptible. As a result, that iniquitous troupe of theirs was removed and transferred to an area behind the back—to another world, I heard, where they would sink into the water and then move on to a new Gehenna created for them. An indescribable sort of hiss could be heard in [the first] Gehenna, but the hissing or whispering there was duller than the sound made by these people who polluted what is holy with their adulteries.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 1, Section 826


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