The Hells of Those Who Spent Their Lives in Adultery (Continued)

There are some men who hide behind a love for marriage and a love for children in order to commit treacherous deeds. Their behavior prevents any suspicion on a husband’s part that they as his guests are anything but chaste, innocent friends. Under such appearances and many others, they commit adultery in relative safety. These people live in a hell under the buttocks and in the filthiest excrement where, because they are among the deceitful, they undergo such devastation that they finally seem to turn into skeletons.

People like this do not even know what conscience is. I talked to them, and they were surprised that anyone might have a conscience or claim that adultery violates it. I told them that for adulterers of their type, who have no compunction, it is as impossible to come into heaven as it is for a fish to rise into the air or for a bird to fly up into the ether.

Let them only edge close to heaven and they feel as though they would suffocate. The pleasure they feel turns into a stinking smell. They can only be thrust down into hell. Eventually they come to appear skeletal, with little life left, because this is the kind of life they have obtained for themselves, and when they lose it, only a tiny amount of truly human life remains.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 1, Section 827


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