There are atmospheres, liquids, and solids in the spiritual world just as there are in the physical world, but they are spiritual, while ours are physical (Continued)

As for the atmospheres that we refer to as “ethers”and “airs,”there are similar forms in each world, the spiritual and the physical, the difference being that in the spiritual world they are spiritual, while in the physical world they are physical. They are spiritual because they come from a sun that is the first emanation of the Lord’s divine love and wisdom and accept into themselves the divine fire from him that is love and the divine light from him that is wisdom, bringing each down to the heavens where angels live. They bring about the presence of that sun in everything there, from the largest things to the smallest.

The spiritual atmospheres are distinct substances or elemental forms that arise from the sun. Since they accept the sun individually, the sun’s fire becomes a warmth that is ultimately adapted to the love of angels in heaven and spirits under heaven by being separated into a corresponding number of substances, enfolded in them, and tempered by being enfolded. The same holds true for the sun’s light.

In this respect, our physical atmospheres are like the spiritual ones. They too are distinct substances and elemental forms, arising from the physical world’s sun. They too accept the sun individually and conceal its fire within themselves, temper it, and bring it down as warmth to earth where we are; and the same holds true for light.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Section 174

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