Genesis 8:22. “Throughout all the days of the earth to come, sowing and reaping and cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night will not end.

”Throughout all the days of the earth to come symbolizes all time. Sowing and reaping symbolizes the regenerating person and so the church. Cold and heat symbolizes the condition of a person who is regenerating, which is cold and hot toward the acceptance of faith and charity; cold symbolizes no faith or charity but heat symbolizes faith and charity.

Summer and winter symbolizes the condition of an already-regenerate person in respect to new movements of the will, which alternate the way summer and winter do. Day and night symbolizes the condition of this same regenerate person in respect to concepts in the intellect, which alternate the way day and night do. They will not end is the fact that this will happen throughout all time.”

from Secrets of Heaven, Section 930


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