The Earliest Church, Called “Humankind,” or Adam (Continued)

I was also allowed to talk with some who had belonged to the church called Enosh, mentioned in Genesis 4:26. They flowed into me gently and spoke modestly, saying that they live in charity among themselves and do their social duty by any others who visit them. It was plain, though, that they extended their charity only to friends.

They live peaceably, never troubling anyone, as the good citizens they are.

I saw a narrow room, and through an open door there came into view a tall man dressed in white—a very intense white. I wondered who he was. They said that a man in white symbolized those who were referred to as Noah, or in other words, those who were the very first people in the ancient church—the church that followed the Flood. Those people were represented this way, they said, because their numbers were small.

I had the privilege of talking to people from the ancient church (the church following the Flood) who had been referred to as Shem. They flowed in gently through the area of my head into my chest area, heading for my heart but not reaching it.

The way spirits flow in indicates what they are like.

I saw someone wreathed in a kind of cloud, on whose face were quite a few wandering stars, which symbolize falsities. It was said that this was what the descendants of the ancient church were like when it started to die out, especially among those who established a cult involving the use of sacrifices and images.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1125-1128

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