Place and Distance in the Other Life

Among the marvels of the next life are the following:

1. Communities of spirits and angels seem to occupy different positions, even though locations and distances in the other world are simply differences in state.

2. Location and distance relate to the human body in such a way that people on our right appear to the right no matter which way we turn our body. The same holds true for those on our left and in other directions too.

3. No spirit or angel is too far away to be seen, and yet no more of them come into sight than the Lord allows.

4. The spirits we are thinking about—people we knew in some way during bodily life, for instance—show up instantly, when the Lord allows it. They are so close that they stand at our ear, in arm’s reach, or at a little distance. Although they may have been several thousand miles away, or even up among the stars, it is no obstacle, because the distance of a place does not matter at all in the other life.

5. Angels have no concept of time.

These wonders occur the world of spirits, and they occur in a still more perfect way in heaven. Imagine, then, how the Lord sees it! After all, not a single one of us can help being directly present to him, right under his gaze and providence.

These things seem unbelievable and yet are true.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Section 1274

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