Place and Distance in the Other Life (Continued)

I was once in a community marked by calm, or rather by a calm condition approaching peace, in a way, but not fully reaching it.

I talked there about the state of little children and about location, saying that variations in place and distance are merely appearances and that they depend on each individual’s state and changes in state.

While I was being taken there, the spirits around me seemed to be withdrawn and to appear below me, although I was still able to hear them speaking.

In regard to spirits’ position in the world of spirits and angels’ position in heaven: Angels are on the Lord’s right, evil spirits on his left. In front of him live people of a middling sort, at his back live the malicious. Overhead are the vain and ambitious, underfoot are hells that provide a counterpart to them. So all individuals have their own position relative to the Lord, in every quarter, at every height, on the horizontal plane and the vertical and at every angle in between. Everyone’s place remains fixed, never changing to eternity.

The heavens in the other world make up what is essentially a single human being, which is therefore called the universal human, and everything in us corresponds to [something in] that human. The correspondence will be discussed later, with the Lord’s divine mercy.

As a result, everything positions itself in a similar way around every angel and within every person on earth to whom the Lord opens heaven. The Lord’s presence carries this consequence with it. It would not be so if the Lord were not omnipresent in heaven.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1275, 1276

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