Place and Distance in the Other Life (Continued)

The case is similar with people on earth in regard to their souls, which are always tied to some community of spirits and angels. We on earth have a position in the Lord’s kingdom too, and it likewise depends on the character of our life and on our state. It makes not the slightest difference whether some of us are far apart on the planet, even if the distance is many thousands of miles; we can still be together in the same community. If we exercise kindness in our lives, we are in an angelic community. If we fill our lives with hatred and similar qualities, we are in a hellish community.

Similarly, it does not matter in the least if a large number of us live together in one place on earth; all of us are still individuals when it comes to the character of our lives and our state of mind, and each of us can be in a different spiritual community.

When people who are several hundred or several thousand miles apart appear before the inner senses, they can be so close (depending on their spiritual location) that they sometimes touch. As a result, if several people were to have their inner eyes opened on earth, they could congregate and talk together, even if one were in India and another in Europe. This has even been demonstrated to me. So each and every person on earth is immediately present to the Lord, directly under his eyes and his loving care.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Section 1277


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