Locations and Place in the Other Life (Continued)

These remarks also show that when spirits walk or move around or go from one place to another—a frequent sight—it is nothing but a change of state. That is, it appears in the world of spirits as a change of location but in heaven as a change of state. In this it resembles many other objects and events that have a representative meaning and that display themselves in visible form there. These will be discussed later [Sections 1619–1633, 1641:2, 1643, 1764], with the Lord’s divine mercy.

Location, change of location, and distance in the other life are illusory too, as I was able to see by this fact: In fantasy, spirits can instantly be swept up high—extremely high—and in the same moment down low. They can also be carried seemingly from one end of the universe to the other. In fact witches and warlocks in the other world can use fantasy to trick you into believing they are in one place and at the same time in another too, or even in many places. They pretend to be everywhere at once.

People who were ambitious during bodily life and people who were deceitful often appear overhead, and yet they are in a hell under the feet. As soon as they are stripped of their conceit, they tumble into their hell, as I was shown.

This is not a manifestation but an illusion. As noted [Sections 1376–1377], there are two kinds of change in location: the way all spirits and angels have of keeping to their place at all times is a visible manifestation, while their habit of showing up in a place when it is not their proper place is an illusion.

from Secrets of Heaven, Sections 1379, 1380


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