Location and Place in the Other Life (Continued)

Souls and spirits who have not yet been allotted a permanent position in the universal human travel to different places, now here, now there; now they appear on one side and now on another; now up, now down. They are called roaming souls or spirits and resemble fluids in the human body that travel from the stomach, sometimes into the head, sometimes to other places, and remain on the move. That is how these spirits act before they arrive at their designated place—a place suited to their overall state. It is their state that changes and wanders in this way.

People on earth cannot help confusing God’s infinity with infinity of space, and since their only idea of spatial infinity is that it is nothing—which is true—they also fail to believe in the divine infinity.

The case is the same with divine eternity. People cannot understand it except in terms of eternal time. But it is still presented as a temporal phenomenon with those who are caught up in the concept of time.

A true picture of God’s infinity is instilled into angels by the consideration that they can come into the Lord’s presence in a split second, without any intervening space or time, even if they should be at the ends of the universe. A true picture of God’s eternity is instilled by way of the idea that the passing of thousands of years seems like no time to them; it is almost as if they had lived for just a moment. And both concepts come by way of the idea that in their present they have both past and future. For this reason, they do not worry about events that are yet to come. They never think about death but only about life.

Thus for them, every present moment contains the Lord’s eternity and infinity.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1381, 1382


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