The Ability of Spirits and Angels to Perceive Things; Auras in the Other Life (Continued)

Several times I have talked about perception with people in the next life who while they were living in the world had imagined they could investigate and understand any subject. “Angels,” I said, “perceive that they think and speak and that they will and act from the Lord.” The people I was talking to, though, could not comprehend what perception was. They thought that if everything were the result of outside influence like this, it would rob them completely of life, because it would mean never thinking for themselves, never thinking independently—which for them was life. It would mean that someone else was thinking for them and not they themselves. So they would be mere instruments, devoid of life.

“The difference in quality of life between having perception and not having it,” I pointed out, “is like night and day. You first start to live your own life when you receive this perception, because you then live from the Lord. You then enjoy a sense of individuality as well, which comes to you replete with every happiness and joy.”

From plentiful experience, I also illustrated for them how perception works, and they then acknowledged that it was possible. After a while, though, they again forgot, doubted, and denied. This showed me how hard it is for people to grasp what perception is.

from Secrets of Heaven, Section 1387


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