The Ability of Spirits and Angels to Perceive Things; Auras in the Other Life (Continued)

Souls that had arrived in the other life once expressed their surprise to find that another person’s thoughts are communicated in this way. They were also amazed that they could instantly tell not only what kind of character that other person had but also what the person’s beliefs were.

I told them that spirits receive abilities far superior once they separate from their bodies. During physical life, objects of the senses have an impact on us, as do fantasies built out of the impressions those objects leave on our memory, not to mention worries about the future; various cravings aroused by external stimuli; concern over food, clothes, housing, and children; and so on. People in the other life never think about any of these things. When such thoughts are set aside as obstacles and barriers, together with bodily desires connected to the coarser sensations, people cannot help being in a more ideal condition. Their former abilities remain but become much more perfect, lucid, and free. This is especially true with people who have lived lives of charity and faith in the Lord, and of innocence. Their capacities are heightened tremendously over the ones they had in the body, until finally their gifts match those of angels in the third heaven.

from Secrets of Heaven, Section 1389

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