Perception and Auras in the Other Life (Continued)

I once smelled a wine smell and learned that it came from those who ingratiate themselves with others in a spirit of affability and bona fide love, so that their compliments also contain some truth. This fragrance has many variations and arises from an atmosphere of polished charm.

When heavenly angels are present with the body of a dead person who is to be revived, the smell of the body turns into a sweet fragrance, and once evil spirits smell it, they cannot come close.

When an aura of charity or faith is perceived as a smell, it yields intense pleasure. The smell is sweet, like the smell of flowers, of lilies, of different types of perfume, with unlimited variety.

An angel’s aura can also be displayed visibly, as an atmosphere or nimbus, and these are so beautiful, so sweet, and so full of variety that they could never be described.

However, although I have been talking about the way a spirit’s inner dimensions can be perceived through auras radiating from and generated by the spirit, and through smells too, it needs to be known that these indicators do not display themselves all the time. In addition, the Lord modifies them in various ways, to keep a spirit’s character from lying open to others’ view all the time.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1517-1520


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