The Light in Which Angels Live

Every sense but taste is much keener and richer in spirits and angels than it can ever be in people on earth, as has been made clear to me many times. Not only can angels see and interact with each other—finding their greatest happiness in mutual love, as they do—they also have more to see in their surroundings than you could ever believe. The world of spirits and the heavens are full of representative objects like the ones the prophets saw, and these objects are so awe-inspiring that anyone whose eyes were simply opened to gaze on them for a few hours could not help being dumbfounded.

The light in heaven is such that it outshines even the noonday light of our solar system by an unbelievable amount. The inhabitants of heaven do not receive any light from this world, however, because they are too high or too deep for the reach of that light. Truth is light from the Lord, who is their sun.

Even the noonday light of the world is like thick darkness to angels. When they have the opportunity to look at worldly light, it is as if they were looking at utter darkness; this I have learned from experience. This shows the difference between heaven’s light and the world’s light.

from Secrets of Heaven, Section 1521

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