My Brother’s Last Days

On January 12, 2017, I got a message from Korea that my oldest brother died. I was in the plane on the 13th and arrived at the funeral home at Jeonpuk University hospital in Jeonju on the 14th.

On the 15th of January, they brought my brother’s body for cremation. I saw the casket go into a cubical oven and they shut door. We could see the process on the screen. Two hours later, they informed us that cremation was done. They bought his bones out in a pail before they ground them into powdery. My nephew (my brother’s son) selected an urn from among many and they brought the urn with my brother’s ashes.

My nephew’s car carried the ashes and all the family members and relatives and guests rode the bus following the car to the family mountain where my great grandfather, grandfather and my parents are buried. The funeral workers already prepared the burial ground for my brother. My nephew placed the urn into a hole which was prepared and each person covered the urn with a fistful soil.
All the learning I have gotten through Swedenborg has made me very peaceful and calm through the process of sending off my brother to the spiritual world. I was reassured that I should continue sharing what Swedenborg left us with this blog, Secrets of Heaven.

During last 12 days I have rested from my blogging, Secrets of Heaven, and I will continue tomorrow.



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