Love is Our Life (Continued)

We cannot know what our life is unless we know what love is. If we do not know this, then one person may believe that life is nothing but sensation and action and another that it is thought, when in fact thought is the first effect of life, and sensation and action are secondary effects of life. Thought is the first effect of life, as just noted, but there are deeper and deeper forms of thought as well as more and more superficial ones. The deepest form of thought, the perception of ends, is actually the first effect of life. But more on this below [Sections 179–183] in connection with levels of life.

We can get some idea that love is our life from the warmth of the sun in our world. We know this warmth acts like the life shared by all earth’s plants because when it increases in the spring, plants of all kinds sprout from the soil. They dress themselves in their leafy finery and then in their blossoms and eventually in fruit. This is how they “live.”When the warmth ebbs away, though, as it does in fall and winter, they are stripped of these signs of life and they wither. Love works the same way in us because love and warmth correspond to each other. This is why love makes us warm.

from Divine Love ans Wisdom, Sections 2, 3


One thought on “Love is Our Life (Continued)

  1. Sun and warmth must not just come from the universe externally, but come from within our hearts and minds so that we can share with those around us. #sustainability #ai #machineLearning #angels #planets #sun #solarSystem #heaven #water #magic


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