The Way Spirits and Angels Talk (Continued)

Not only was I able to hear clearly what the spirits were saying to me, I could also tell just where they were at the time—above my head or below, on my right side or my left, at my ear, somewhere else near my body or perhaps inside it, at such-and-such a distance far or near. I could tell where they were because they spoke to me from the various places or locations they were in, which were determined by their position in the universal human, or in other words, by their state of mind.

I was also allowed to perceive when they came and went, where they were going and for how long, whether they were many or few, and so on.

From their speech I could tell what they were like, too, since their speech (like their aura) reveals clearly what their turn of mind and their character is, and what opinions and attitudes they hold as well. If they are deceitful, for instance, then when they talk, the general and specific type of their deceit can be detected in every word and thought, even if they are not lying at the moment. The same is true of all other vices and obsessions. These are so obvious that there is no need for lengthy investigation; an image of each is present in every word and thought.

It is also possible to sense whether the thinking behind their words is closed- or open-minded, and what part comes from that individual, from other individuals, or from the Lord. It works almost the same as with the faces of people on earth, in which we can usually recognize pretense, fraud, gladness, cheer (real or fake), true friendship, shyness, or insanity, even if the person does not talk. Sometimes the same thing shows up in the tone of voice. Why not in the other life, then, where perception is far more sensitive?

In fact before spirits speak, their thought alone reveals what they are about to say, since thought is communicated more quickly and readily than speech.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Section 1640

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