The Way Spirits and Angels Talk (Continued)

This, then, is the way spirits talk; but the speech of angelic spirits is even more universal and perfect, and the speech of angels still more so. There are three heavens, as noted before [Sections 459, 684]. Good spirits inhabit the first, angelic spirits the second, and angels the third. Perfection increases as it rises, so that superficial elements have almost the same relation to deeper ones as hearing (to illustrate by comparison) has to sight, and sight has to thought. What the ear can absorb from speech in an hour can be presented to the eye in a minute—a panorama of fields, mansions, and cities, for instance. And what the eye takes many hours to observe, the thought can grasp in a minute. The speech of spirits bears the same ratio to that of angelic spirits, and the speech of angelic spirits to that of angels. Angelic spirits incorporate more clear, distinct concepts into one idea, spoken or thought, than spirits cover in several thousand; and angels outdo angelic spirits to the same degree. How must it be with the Lord, then, the source of all the life in our feelings, thoughts, and speech, the one who alone is the Message and the Word?

The speech of angelic spirits defies comprehension. To say just a few words about it—but only about the representative kind—it presents the actual subject matter in a representative form. This form is a remarkable one drawn from the objects of the senses, and the sweetest, most beautiful images vary it in countless ways. A continuous stream of emotions rising out of the happiness of mutual love flows in from the Lord through the next higher heaven, making absolutely everything seem to come alive. Every single topic of discussion is exhibited in this way, in unbroken series of images. To describe just one representative image from any series intelligibly would be impossible.

These are the influences that affect the thinking of [good] spirits, but the spirits are unaware of those influences except as a general something-or-other flowing in and affecting them. They lack a distinct perception of details that angelic spirits perceive quite clearly.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1642, 1643

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