The Way Spirits and Angels Talk (Continued)

In the world of spirits (to the inner eye, in other words), angels’ speech sometimes appears as the flickering of a light or of a radiant flame. The appearance differs, depending on the state of emotion embodied in their words. It is only the most general emotional components of their speech, rising out of countless individual feelings, that are presented in this way.

The speech of heavenly angels is different from that of spiritual angels, and it is even more impossible to describe or explain. Heavenly good as a motive is what they apply their thinking to, and consequently they have true happiness. Amazing to say, their speech is much fuller, because they sit at the spring or source from which the living energy of thought and speech flows.

Good spirits and angelic spirits have a way of speaking all together in large numbers, particularly in circle choirs or choruses. (I will have more to say on these later [Sections 2294, 2595–2596, 3350–3351, 3893, 5173:1, 5181–5183, 8115], with the Lord’s divine mercy.) Their choral speech I have heard quite often. It has a rhythmic flow to it. They do not think at all about the words or concepts, which their meaning pours into without effort. No words or concepts that complicate the sense or distract the listener ever inject themselves. Neither do any that have an artificial feel, or that seem to them to display a vain, self-flattering elegance. Such faults would immediately disturb them. They never fixate on a word but consider only the meaning. Words are the natural consequences of the meaning itself. The spirits end in unison, and usually a single unison. When the ending is more elaborate, intonation carries them from one unison to the next.

These traits arise from the fact that the spirits think and talk in concert. So they have a smooth-flowing style of speech that results from the interconnections in their community and the unanimity of it. This was the style of ancient songs, and it is the style of the Psalms of David.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1646-1648


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