The Four Quarters in Heaven (Continued)

This kind of turning toward the Lord is one of heaven’s wonders, for many individuals can be together in one place, turning faces and bodies toward each other, and yet all of them will have the Lord in front of them, and each will have the south on the right, the north on the left, and the west behind.

Another extraordinary fact is that even though angels are completely oriented toward the east, they still have an orientation to the other three directions. This orientation, though, involves their more inward sight, which is a function of their thinking.

A further extraordinary fact is that in heaven, no one is allowed to stand behind anyone else and look at the back of his or her head. This disturbs the inflow of what is good and true from the Lord.

Angels see the Lord in one way, and the Lord sees angels in another. Angels see the Lord with their eyes, while the Lord sees angels through their foreheads. The reason for this is that the forehead corresponds to love, and it is through love that the Lord flows into their volition and makes himself visible to their minds, to which the eyes correspond.

However, the regions in the heavens that make up the Lord’s heavenly kingdom differ from those in the heavens that make up the Lord’s spiritual kingdom. This is because to the angels in his heavenly kingdom the Lord looks like a sun, while to the angels in his spiritual kingdom he looks like a moon, and the east is where the Lord is seen.

The distance between the sun and the moon is thirty degrees, and the same alignment therefore holds true for the directions. The division of heaven into two kingdoms called the heavenly kingdom and the spiritual kingdom has been presented in its own chapter above (Sections 20–28), as has the Lord’s looking like the sun in the heavenly kingdom and like the moon in the spiritual kingdom (Section 118). Still, the directions are not rendered uncertain by this, since spiritual angels cannot rise up to the level of heavenly angels, nor the latter come down to the former (see Section 35).

from Heaven and Hell
, Sections 144-146

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