The Infinity of God: His Immensity and Eternity

Two properties of the physical world limit all things in it: one is space and the other is time. Because God created this world and concurrently created space and time as limitations on it, I need to discuss the origins of space and time; namely, immensity and eternity. God’s immensity relates to space and his eternity relates to time. Infinity includes both immensity and eternity.

Infinity transcends what is finite. A concept of infinity is therefore beyond the finite mind. To give at least some sense of it, I will discuss it in the following sequence:

1. God is infinite because he is intrinsic reality and manifestation, and all things in the universe have reality and manifestation from him.

2. God is infinite because he existed before the world—before space and time came into being.

3. Ever since he made the world, God has existed in space independently of space, and in time independently of time.

4. Infinity in relation to space is called immensity; in relation to time it is called eternity. Yet although these are related, there is nonetheless no space in God’s immensity, and no time in his eternity.

5. From many things in the world, enlightened reason can see the infinity of God the Creator.

6. Every created thing is finite. The Infinite is in finite objects the way something is present in a vessel that receives it; the Infinite is in people the way something is present in an image of itself.

I need to explain these statements separately.

From True Christianity, Volume 1, Section 27


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