Our Second State after Death (Continued)

Once the first state has been completed—the state of more outward concerns described in the preceding chapter—we as spirits are brought into the state of our deeper concerns, or into the state of those deeper intentions and consequent thoughts we engaged in when we were left to ourselves in this world and our thinking was free and unfettered. We slip into this state without realizing it much as we did in the world when we drew the thought nearest to our speech, the immediate source of our speech, back toward our inner thought, and let it pause there a while. So when we as spirits are in this state, we are being ourselves and living our real life, since thinking freely from our own affection is our very life and our very self.

Spirits in this state think from their own intent and therefore from their own affection or love; and then their thought forms a unity with their intention, such a unity that they scarcely seem to be thinking, only intending. It is almost the same when they talk, except that there is some fear that the thoughts of their intention might appear naked, since their civic life in the world had planted this fear in their intention.

from Heaven and Hell, Sections 502, 503

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