The Lord The Redeemer: 9. From now on, no Christians will go to heaven unless they believe in the Lord God the Savior and turn to him alone. (Continued)

To further support this point I will relate some things that I know and can testify to because I have seen them.

Today a new angelic heaven is being built by the Lord. It is being made up of those who believe in the Lord God the Savior and who go directly to him; the rest are rejected. From now on if any from the Christian world come into the spiritual world (as happens to us all after we die) and they do not believe in the Lord, do not turn to him alone, and are unable at that point to change in this regard because they have lived in evil ways or have convinced themselves of falsities, when they take their first step toward heaven they are pushed back. Their face is turned away from heaven toward the lower earth. They go off in that direction and join up with spirits in the lower earth who are meant by the dragon and the false prophet in the Book of Revelation.

From now on all people from Christian areas who do not believe in the Lord are not going to be listened to, either. In heaven their prayers are like foul smells and like belches from damaged lungs. If people like that think their own prayer is like burning frankincense, nevertheless it does not reach the angelic heaven any more effectively than would the smoke from a fire that was blown back into their eyes by a storm coming down. Or their praying is like burning incense in a censer under a monk’s robe.

This is what is going to happen from this time on with all piety that is directed to a separated Trinity rather than a united one.

The main point of this book is that the divine Trinity is united in the Lord.

Here I will add something previously unknown. Several months ago the Lord called together the twelve apostles and sent them out into the whole spiritual world just as they had been sent out before to the physical world. Their assignment was to preach this gospel. Each apostle was assigned a territory to cover. They are carrying out their assignment with complete enthusiasm and energy.

These topics will be specifically covered in the last chapter of this book on the close of the age, the Coming of the Lord, and the New Church [Sections 753–791].

from True Christianity, Section 108


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