Sacred Scripture, or the Word, Which Conceals a Divine Message That Lies Open to the View of Good Spirits and Angels (Continued)

How much a single word of Scripture contains has been shown to me by a revelation of people’s individual ideas. Surprising to say, ideas can be revealed so vividly in the other world that they actually become visible and take on a shape, as if they were images in a painting.

One individual whose ideas were revealed in this way was a person who had lived a life of charity, or mutual love, and had taken pleasure in the Word during his time in the world. When his thoughts were revealed, countless beautiful objects appeared, bringing with them a delight and pleasure that touched the heart. I learned that these visible manifestations have further inward layers that can be revealed, and when they are revealed, sights still more beautiful and delightful present themselves, bringing happiness itself with them. All angelic ideas are like this, because the Lord himself lays them open.

Physical vision was used to illustrate this principle for a group of spirits who were amazed that a person’s individual thoughts can be revealed this way in the other world. The sight of the eye is so weak and dim that it sees the smaller objects of the physical world simply as spots, dark and shapeless, although they hold within them too many parts to count. When the same objects are observed through a microscope, however, the inward parts come into focus, connected in a beautiful series and flowing from each other in an elegant pattern. These parts likewise could be laid open by an even stronger microscope. This showed what the case is with the inner eye, whose lines of sight are nothing but ideas: in themselves these ideas are about as hazy as anything can be in that realm—although human beings think otherwise. I will have more to say about people’s ideas below, however, with the Lord’s divine mercy [Sections 1971, 1980, 1981].

It is the same with the Lord’s Word. The individual words in it create mental images of themselves, because a word is just a mental image given verbal form so that its meaning can be perceived. These images contain within them so very many elements incapable of coming to human consciousness (only to the consciousness of angels) that it is completely beyond belief. When the Lord lays them open, the forms inside them are presented in two ways: they are presented to the perception by sensations of pleasure and happiness, and they are presented to the eye by objects of paradise that hold a representative meaning. The former come from the heavenly and spiritual forces of the Lord’s love, or mercy; the latter come from the light that his love and mercy radiate.

I have been shown through amazing experiences that Sacred Scripture was inspired not only in its individual words but also in every tiny letter of each word. So it was literally inspired down to the smallest jot (as the idiom goes). Each jot contains a measure of emotion and vital energy, which affects the whole word it appears in and which therefore permeates the most minor details in a correspondential way. But in the absence of other background knowledge, these things cannot be explained at all intelligibly.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1869, 1870

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