Sacred Scripture, or the Word, Which Conceals a Divine Message That Lies Open to the View of Good Spirits and Angels (Continued)

Spirits become very upset and in fact outraged when you tell them that people do not believe spirits can see, hear, or touch anything. They told me that people ought to know that life does not exist without sensation, and the sharper the senses, the more vibrant the life. The objects of their senses, the spirits said, are as superior as their ability to sense them. The representative things that the Lord gives them are real, because they are the source of everything that exists in the world of nature (Section 1632). Their senses are much better and more impressive than ours! This is how their indignation expressed itself.

There are two kinds of visions (both of them uncommon) that I was introduced to for the sole purpose of learning what they are like and what it means in the Word when it says that people were (1) taken out of the body or (2) led by the spirit to another place.

The case with the first—being taken out of the body—is this: The person is brought into a certain condition midway between sleep and wakefulness. In this condition, the person is fully convinced that he or she is completely conscious. The person’s senses are all as wide awake as they are when the body is fully alert—sight, hearing, and (amazingly) the sense of touch, which is keener now than it could ever be during physical wakefulness. During this state, I have also seen spirits and angels literally as big as life, and I have heard and even touched them, surprising to say. Hardly anything physical was involved.

This is the condition in which people are said to be taken out of the body and to have no idea whether they are in the body or out of the body [2 Corinthians 12:2, 3].

Only three or four times have I come into this state, and then only to learn what it was like, and to see that spirits and angels enjoy sensation of every kind, even touch—a far better and far keener sense of touch than in the body.

As for the second kind of vision—being led by the spirit into another place—what it is and what it involves has been shown to me by living experience. But this has happened only two or three times. Let me cite a single instance.

Strolling city streets and country meadows while at the same time talking with spirits, I had no idea I was not as fully awake and aware as I am at any other time. I walked along like this without losing my way, and all the while I was having a vision, seeing woods, rivers, mansions, homes, people, and so on. After I had walked around this way for several hours, I suddenly found myself seeing with my physical eyes and realized I was somewhere else, which utterly astounded me. I perceived that I was experiencing the state of those who are said to have been led by the spirit to another place. While it is happening, you do not stop to think about the route, no matter how many miles long. You also fail to think about the time, no matter how many hours or days. Neither do you notice feeling at all tired. You are being led by paths you do not know until you reach the destination.

This happened so that I would also be able to see that we can be led by the Lord without knowing why or where.

These two types of visions are unusual, however. They were demonstrated to me simply for the purpose of teaching me what they are like. All the sights you find reported, by the Lord’s divine mercy, at the beginning or end of each chapter in these first two volumes are ordinary ones. They are not visions but sights that I have seen for many years now in full physical consciousness.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1881-1885


Section 1632: Published 2/23/2017

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