The Reasons Why the Lord Chose to be Born in Our World and not in Another (Continued)

The Word, once written, could be preserved for all posterity, that is, for thousands and thousands of years. As is well known, it has been so preserved.

This enabled it to be made plain that God became man. This is the first and most essential purpose of the Word’s existence. For no one can believe in God and love Him, unless he can grasp Him in some form. Consequently those who acknowledge an invisible and therefore incomprehensible deity slip into thinking of nature as god, and so come to believe in no god at all. The Lord was therefore pleased to be born here, and to make that known by means of the Word, so that it means it should be known, not only on this globe, but by this means it should be made plain to spirits and angels from other worlds too, as well as to heathen from our world.

from Life on Other Planets, Sections 117, 118


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