The Reasons Why the Lord Chose to Be Born in Our World and Another (Continued)

It needs to be known that the Word in our world, which was given to us by the Lord by means of heaven, is the bond which unites heaven and the world. It is for this purpose that everything in the literal sense of the Word corresponds to Divine things in Heaven, and the Word in its highest and innermost sense refers to the Lord, His kingdom in the heavens and on earth, love and faith coming from and being in him.

These subjects are what is presented to the angels in heaven, when the Word of our world is read and preached.

In every other world Divine truth is made known by word of mouth by means of spirits and angels, as I said earlier when reporting on the inhabitants of the world of this solar system. But this is restricted to family groups, for in most worlds the human race lives apart divided into families. Divine truth so revealed by means of spirits and angels does not therefore spread far beyond family groups, and unless renewed by a succession of revelations it is perverted or lost.

In our world it is different, for here Divine truth, which is the Word, remains intact in perpetuity.

from Life on Other Planets, Sections 119, 120


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