Forms of Government in Heaven (Continued)

Government in the Lord’s spiritual kingdom is called judgment, since they are intent on that spiritual good that is the good of thoughtfulness toward their neighbor, and this good is in essence true. What is true is a matter of judgment, and what is good is a matter of justice.

These angels too are led by the Lord, but indirectly (Section 208); so they have officials, fewer or more depending on the needs of the community they live in. They also have laws that they observe in their life together. The officials manage everything according to the laws; they understand them because they are wise, and in matters of doubt they are enlightened by the Lord.

Since government on the basis of what is good (the kind in the Lord’s heavenly kingdom) is called justice, and government on the basis of what is true (the kind in the Lord’s spiritual kingdom) is called judgment, in the Word it says “justice and judgment” when it is talking about heaven and the church; “justice” meaning heavenly good, and “judgment” spiritual good—which latter good, as explained above, is in essence true. The following examples may serve:

There will be no end to peace on the throne of David and on his kingdom, to establish it and to sustain it in judgment and justice from now on and even to eternity. (Isaiah 9:7)

“David” here means the Lord, and his kingdom means his heaven, as we can see from the next passage:

I will raise up for David a just shoot and he will reign as king and act discerningly and make judgment and justice on earth. (Jeremiah 23:5)

Let Jehovah be extolled because he lives on high and fills Zion with judgment and justice. (Isaiah 33:5)

Zion too means heaven and the church.

I, Jehovah, am he who makes judgment and justice on earth, because in them I take pleasure. (Jeremiah 9:24)

I will betroth you to myself for eternity, and I will betroth you to myself in justice and judgment. (Hosea 2:19)

Jehovah, in the heavens your justice is like the mountains of God, and your judgment like the great deep. (Psalms 36:5–6)

They ask me for judgments of justice, they long for the approach of God. (Isaiah 58:2)

And elsewhere.

from Heaven and Hell, Sections 215, 216


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