The Lord Made His Human Nature Divine out of the Divine Nature within Himself, and in This Way Became One with the Father

According to the church’s doctrinal statement accepted throughout the Christian world,

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is both God and a human being. Although he is God and a human being, yet he is not two, but one Christ. He is one because the divine nature took the human nature to itself. Indeed, he is one altogether, because he is one person. Therefore as the soul and the body make one human being, so God and a human being is one Christ.

These words are quoted from the Athanasian statement of faith, which is accepted throughout the Christian world. These are that statement’s essential points concerning the oneness of what is divine and what is human in the Lord. Other points concerning the Lord in that statement will be explained in their proper places [Sections 35, 55–61].

This shows us very clearly that according to the statement of faith of the Christian church, the divine and human natures in the Lord are not two but one, just as the soul and the body is one human being, and that the divine nature took the human nature to itself.

It follows from this that the divine nature cannot be separated from the human or the human from the divine, because separating them would be like separating soul and body. Everyone will acknowledge this who reads the passages about the Lord’s birth cited above (see Sections 19 and 21) from two Gospels (Luke 1:26–35 and Matthew 1:18–25). It is obvious from these passages that Jesus was conceived by Jehovah God and borne by the Virgin Mary. This means that there was something divine within him, and that this was his soul.

Now, since his soul was the actual divine nature of the Father, it follows that his body or human side was made divine as well, for where the one is, the other must also be. In this way and in no other way the Father and the Son are one, the Father in the Son and the Son in the Father, and all that is the Son’s is the Father’s, and all that is the Father’s is the Son’s, as the Lord himself tells us in the Word [John 17:10].

But how this union was brought about I need to explain in the following sequence:

1. The Lord from eternity is Jehovah.

2. The Lord from eternity, or Jehovah, took on a human nature for the purpose of saving us.

3. He made the human nature divine from the divine nature within himself.

4. He made the human nature divine by the trials to which he made himself vulnerable.

5. The complete union of the divine nature and the human nature in him was accomplished by the suffering on the cross, which was his last trial.

6. Step by step he took off the human nature he had taken on from his mother and put on a human nature from what was divine within him, which is the divine human nature and the Son of God.

7. In this way, God became human on both the first [or innermost] level and the last [or outermost] level.

from The Lord, Section


Section 19: Published 3/11/2018
Section 21: Published 3/12/2018


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