Divinity is the same in the largest and smallest things.

This follows from the two preceding sections, from Divinity being nonspatially present in all space and nontemporally present in all time. There are larger and larger and smaller and smaller spaces; and since as already noted [Section 74] space and time are indistinguishable, the same holds true for segments of time. The reason Divinity is the same in all of them is that Divinity is not changeable or inconsistent like everything that involves space and time, or nature. It is constant and unchanging, so it is everywhere and always the same.

It does seem as though Divinity were not the same in one person as in another, as though it were different in a wise person than in a simple one, for example, or different in an elderly one than in a child. This is just the deceptive way things seem, though. The person may be different, but Divinity within is not. The person is a receiver, and the receiver or vessel will differ. A wise person is a more adequate receiver of divine love and wisdom than a simple one, and therefore a fuller receiver. An elderly and wise individual is more receptive than a child or youth. Still, Divinity is the same in the one as in the other.

Outward appearance also gives rise to the illusion that Divinity is different in heaven’s angels than it is in people on earth because heaven’s angels enjoy indescribable wisdom and we do not. However, this apparent difference is in the subjects and depends on their openness to Divinity. It is not in the Lord.

We may also use heaven and an individual angel to illustrate the fact that Divinity is the same in the largest and smallest things. Divinity in the whole heaven and Divinity in an individual angel is the same. This is why all heaven can be seen as a single angel.

The same holds true for the church and for the individual member of it. The largest entity in which Divinity is present is all of heaven and the whole church together; the smallest is an individual angel or an individual member of the church. On occasion I have seen a whole heavenly community as a single angelic person, and I have been told that this may look like an immense, gigantic individual or like a little, childlike one. This is because Divinity is the same in the largest and smallest things.

from Divine Live and Wisdom, Sections 77-79


Section 74: Published 5/30/2018

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