In The spiritual world, divine love and wisdom look like a sun (Continued)

The reason that sun looks like fire to angels’ eyes is that love and fire are interactive. Angels cannot see love with their eyes, but instead of love they see what answers to it. They have inner and outer natures just as we do. It is their inner self that thinks and is wise, that intends and loves, and their outer self that feels, sees, speaks, and acts. All these outer functions of theirs are responsive to the inner ones, but the responsiveness is spiritual and not earthly.

To spiritual beings, divine love feels like fire. This is why fire means love when it is mentioned in the Word. That is what “sacred fire” used to mean in the Israelite church, and that is why we often ask in our prayers to God that heavenly fire (meaning divine love) should kindle our hearts.

Since there is the kind of distinction described in Section 83 between what is spiritual and what is physical, not a trace of anything from the sun of the physical world can cross over into the spiritual world—that is, not a trace of its light and warmth or of any object on earth. The light of the physical world is darkness there, and its warmth is death there. Still, our world’s warmth can be brought to life by an inflow of heaven’s warmth, and our world’s light can be brightened by an inflow of heaven’s light. This inflow happens by means of correspondences, and cannot happen as a result of continuity.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 87, 88


Section 83: Published 6/3/2018


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