The sun of the spiritual world is seen at a middle elevation, as far from angels as our physical world’s sun is from us.

Many people bring with them from our world an image of God as high overhead and of the Lord as being in heaven among its angels. The reason they bring an image of God as high overhead is that God is called “most high” in the Word, and it says that he lives “on high.” This is why we lift up our eyes and our hands when we pray and worship, unaware that “highest” means “inmost.”

The reason people bring along an image of the Lord as being in heaven among its angels is that they think of him only as being like any other individual, or like an angel. They do not realize that the Lord is the real and only God, the one who rules the universe. If he were living in heaven among the angels, he could not keep the universe under his sight and hold it in his care and keeping. If he were not shining like the sun on the people in the spiritual world, angels could not have any light. Angels, that is, are spiritual beings, so only spiritual light is suited to their essence. When I discuss levels later [Section 182], we will see that there is a light in the heavens that is far, far greater than our light on earth.

As for the sun that is the source of angels’ warmth and light, they see it at about a forty-five degree angle above the lands where they live, at a middle elevation. It also seems to be about as far from angels as this world’s sun is from us.

They see the sun at that height and distance constantly; it does not move. This is why angels do not have stretches of time marked off into days and years or any daily progression from morning through noon to evening and on into night. They do not have a yearly sequence from spring through summer to autumn and on into winter, either. Instead, they have a constant daylight and constant springtime; which means that instead of “times” they have states, as already noted [Sections 70, 73].

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 103, 104


Sections 70-73: Published 5/29/2018-5/30/2018


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