The Fourth Memorable Occurrence (Continued)

“After we came down from heaven we went to the place called Armageddon. We saw as many as several thousand who had gathered there, but we did not go into the crowd. Off to the south side of that area there were some houses where there were children and teachers. We went there, and they kindly took us in. We enjoyed their company. Their faces were all good-looking as a result of their lively eyes and their impassioned way of speaking. What made their eyes lively was their awareness of what is true, and what made their talk impassioned was their passion for what is good. So we presented a gift to them of hats whose rims were decorated with bands made of golden threads with pearls woven in, as well as clothing of white and blue.

“We asked them whether they had looked at the neighboring area called Armageddon. They said they had looked out a window just under the roof of the house. They had seen a gathering there, but those gathering changed shapes, at one point looking like nobility, at another not even seeming to be human; they looked like statues and carved idols with a crowd around them on their knees. We too had seen that group in different forms. Some looked like people, some like leopards, some like goats. The goats had horns that curved downward; they were digging up the ground with them. We explained those metamorphoses—whom they portrayed and what they meant.

“But back to the main point. When the people who had gathered heard that we had gone into those houses, they said to each other, ‘What do they want with those children? We should send some from our crowd over there to throw them out.’ And so they did.

“When their envoys arrived they said to us, ‘Why did you go into those houses? Where are you from? With full authority we order you to leave.’ “We replied, ‘That is not an order you can give with any authority. Admittedly, in your own eyes you are like the Anakim, and the people who are here are like dwarves. But nonetheless you have no power or jurisdiction here except by fraud, and that is not valid. Tell your people that we have been sent here from heaven to assess whether religion exists among you or not. If it doesn’t, you will be thrown out of the place. Propose the following to your people, therefore—a point in which lies the essence of the church and religion. How do they understand the following words in the Lord’s prayer: “Our Father, you who are in the heavens, your name must be kept holy; your kingdom must come” [Matthew 6:9–10]?’

“When the others heard this, at first they said, ‘What is this?’ But then they said they would propose it. They left and conveyed this proposition to their people. “Their people replied, ‘What kind of a proposition is that?’ But they understood the hidden agenda. They thought, ‘They want to know whether these words support the orientation of our faith to God the Father.’ So they said, ‘The words are clear that we must pray to God the Father, and because Christ is our Mediator, we must pray to God the Father for the Son’s sake.’

from True Christianity, Volume 1, Section 113


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