The regions in the spiritual world are not caused by the Lord as the sun but by the angels, depending on their receptivity

I have stated that angels live in distinct regions, some in the east, some in the west, some in the south, and some in the north. I have also stated that the ones who live in the east are engaged in a higher level of love, those in the west in a lower level of love, those in the south in the light of wisdom, and those in the north in the shadow of wisdom.

This variation of place seems to be caused by the Lord as the sun, yet it is actually caused by the angels. The Lord is not at a greater or lesser degree of love and wisdom; as the sun, he is not at a greater or lesser level of warmth and light for one person than for another. He is everywhere the same. However, he is not accepted at the same level by one person as by another, and this makes it seem as though they are more or less distant from each other, in a variety of regions. It follows from this that the regions in the spiritual world are simply variations in the receptivity of love and wisdom and therefore of the warmth and light of the Lord as the sun. If you look at what was explained in Sections 108–112 about distances in the spiritual world being apparent only, you will see that this is true.

Since the regions are variations in the way angels accept love and wisdom, I need to say something about the variety that gives rise to the appearance.

As I explained in the preceding section, the Lord is in each angel, and each angel is in the Lord. However, since it looks as though the Lord as the sun were outside angels, it also looks as though the Lord is seeing them from the sun and that they are seeing the Lord in the sun. This is much like seeing an image in a mirror. So if we talk on the basis of the way things seem, that is how it is. The Lord sees and examines angels face to face, but angels do not see the Lord in the same way. When they are engaged in the love for him that comes from him, they do see him straight ahead, so they are in the east or the west. When they are more engaged in wisdom, though, they see the Lord off to the right, and when they are less engaged in wisdom they see him off to the left, so they are in the north or the south.

The reason they have an oblique view is that love and wisdom emanate from the Lord as a single whole, but they are not accepted that way by angels, as I have already noted [Section 99]. Any wisdom that goes beyond love may look like wisdom, but it is not, since there is no life from love in that excess wisdom. We can see from this where the differences in receptivity come from, the differences that cause the appearance that angels live in the different regions in the spiritual world.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 124-125


Sections 108-112: Published 2/17/2019-2/18/2019

Section 99: Published 6/12/2018

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