Angels always face the Lord as the sun, so south is on their right, north on their left, and west behind them (Continued)

Angels’ turning toward the Lord is like this: no matter which way they turn their bodies, they are looking at the Lord as the sun in front of themselves. Angels can turn this way and that and can thus see the various things that surround them, but still the Lord as the sun seems to be constantly in front of them.

This may seem remarkable, but it is the truth. I too have been allowed to see the Lord as the sun like this. I have been seeing him in front of me for a number of years; whatever direction I turned to, I saw him like this.

Since the Lord as the sun and therefore the east is in front of all heaven’s angels, it follows that the south is to their right, the north to their left, and the west behind them, again no matter which way they turn their bodies. That is, all the regions in the spiritual world are based on the east, as already stated [Section 120]. This means that people who have the east before their eyes are in those very regions and actually set their boundaries; since, as I have just explained in Sections 124–128, the regions are not caused by the Lord as the sun but by the angels, according to their receptivity.

Now, since heaven is made up of angels, and since this is what angels are like, it follows that the whole heaven faces the Lord and that because it does, heaven is governed by the Lord as though it were a single individual—which is what heaven looks like in the Lord’s sight. On heaven looking like a single individual in the Lord’s sight, see Heaven and Hell 59–87 [59–86]. This is the cause of heaven’s regions as well.

Since these regions are virtually written on each angel and on all of heaven, angels, unlike us in our world, know their homes and houses no matter where they travel. The reason we do not know our homes and houses instinctively, from their regions, is that we are thinking in terms of space and therefore in terms of this physical world’s geography, which has nothing in common with the geography of the spiritual world.

However, birds and animals have this kind of knowledge by instinct. They know their homes and dwellings instinctively, as much experience testifies. This is a clue to the nature of the spiritual world, since everything that happens in the physical world is an effect and everything that happens in the spiritual world is a cause of such effects. Nothing happens in nature that does not have its cause in the spiritual realm.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 131-134


Section 120: Published 2/23/2019

Sections 124-128: Published 2/25/2019-2/26/2019

Sections 59-76 from Heaven and Hell: Published 3/3/2018-3/10/2018

Sections 77-86 from Heaven and Hell: Published 3/28/2018-3/30/2018

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