Everything in the deeper reaches of angels’ minds and bodies alike is turned toward the Lord as the sun (Continued)

This turning toward the Lord is an active turning—it is a kind of lifting up. We are actually lifted into heaven’s warmth and light, and this is accomplished by an opening of our inner reaches. When these have been opened, love and wisdom flow into the deeper reaches of our minds and heaven’s warmth and light flow into the deeper reaches of our bodies. This results in a lifting, as though we were brought out of the mist into clear air, or out of the air into the ether. Further, love and wisdom, together with their warmth and light, are the Lord with us, the Lord who, as already noted [Section 130], turns us toward himself.

The opposite holds for people who are not engaged in love and wisdom, and all the more for people who resist love and wisdom. The deeper reaches of their minds and bodies alike are closed; and when they are closed, then their outer natures resist the Lord because this is their inherent nature. This is why such people turn away from the Lord, and this “turning away” is a turning toward hell.

This active turning toward the Lord comes from love and wisdom together, not from love alone or wisdom alone. Love alone is like a reality with no manifestation, since love makes itself manifest in wisdom; and wisdom without love is like a manifestation with no reality, since wisdom is the manifestation of love.

There is actually a kind of love apart from wisdom, but it is ours and not the Lord’s. There is also wisdom apart from love, but while it comes from the Lord, it does not have the Lord within it. It is like sunlight in winter that does of course come from the sun but does not have within it the essence of the sun, its warmth.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 138-139


Section 130: Published 2/27/2019

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