The divine love and wisdom that emanate from the Lord as the sun and constitute heaven’s warmth and light is the emanating Divinity that is the Holy Spirit

I explained in Teachings for the New Jerusalem on the Lord that God is one in both person and essence, consisting of a trinity, and that this God is the Lord. I also explained that his trinity is called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Divinity as source is the Father, Divinity as human is the Son, and Divinity as emanating is the Holy Spirit.

We say “Divinity as emanating,” and yet no one knows why we say “emanating.” The reason for this ignorance is that people have not known before that the Lord looks like a sun to angels and that from that sun there issues a warmth that is essentially divine love and a light that is essentially divine wisdom. As long as this remains unknown, people cannot help “knowing” that Divinity as emanating is intrinsic Divinity because it says in the Athanasian doctrine of the Trinity that the Father is one Person, the Son another, and the Holy Spirit another. Now that we know that the Lord looks like a sun, though, we can have an appropriate image of the “Divinity as emanating” that is called the Holy Spirit. We can realize that while it is one with the Lord, it emanates from him the way warmth and light emanate from the sun. This is also why angels are in divine warmth and light to the extent that they are caught up in love and wisdom.

Without this recognition that the Lord looks like a sun in the spiritual world and that his Divinity emanates from him in this way, there is no way for anyone to know what “emanating” means—whether it means simply sharing what belongs to the Father and the Son or simply enlightening and teaching. However, it does not come from enlightened reason if we acknowledge the Holy Spirit as intrinsic Divinity, call it “God,” and draw boundaries around it when we know as well that God is both one and omnipresent.

I explained above [Section 126] that God is not in space and is therefore omnipresent and that Divinity is everywhere the same, but that there is an apparent variation of divinity in angels and in us because of our differences in receptivity. Since divinity as emanating from the Lord as the sun takes place in light and warmth, then, and since light and warmth flow first of all into those universal vessels that are called “atmospheres” in our world, and since these are what contain clouds, it stands to reason that the way the deeper levels of angels’ minds, or of our own, are veiled by such clouds determines how open we are to Divinity as emanating. By these “clouds,” I mean spiritual clouds. These are thoughts that are in harmony with divine wisdom if they are based on true perceptions and that disagree if they consist of false ones. So when they are represented visually in the spiritual world, thoughts based on true perceptions look like bright clouds and thoughts based on false perceptions look like black clouds.

We may therefore conclude that Divinity as emanating is actually within all of us, but that it is variously veiled by us.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 146-147


Section 126: Published 2/26/2019

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