The divine love and wisdom that emanate from the Lord as the sun and constitute heaven’s warmth and light is the emanating Divinity that is the Holy Spirit (Continued)

Since Divinity itself is present with angels and with us through its spiritual warmth and light, we look at people who are caught up in the truth of divine wisdom and the goodness of divine love, who are moved by them, and who are therefore in heartfelt thought, and we say that they are being “warmed by God.” Sometimes this happens so openly that it can be noticed and felt, as when a preacher speaks with passion. We also say of such people that they are being “enlightened by God” because with his emanating divinity, the Lord not only kindles human intentions with spiritual warmth but also floods human minds with spiritual light.

We can see from the following passages in the Word that the Holy Spirit is the same as the Lord and is the very truth that is the source of our enlightenment. “Jesus said, ‘When the spirit of truth has come, he will lead you into all truth. He will not speak on his own, but will say what he has heard’” (John 16:13). “He will glorify me because he will receive from me and will proclaim to you” (John 16:14, 15). He will be with the disciples and in them (John 15:26 [14:17]). “Jesus said, ‘The things I am telling you are spirit and life’” (John 6:63). We can see from these passages that the very truth that emanates from the Lord is called the Holy Spirit, which enlightens us because it is in the light.

While the enlightenment attributed to the Holy Spirit actually comes from the Lord, it happens through the agency of spirits and angels. I cannot yet describe what kind of agency it is, but can say only that in no way can angels and spirits enlighten us on their own because they, like us, are enlightened by the Lord. Since they are enlightened in this same way, it follows that all enlightenment is from the Lord alone. It happens through angels and spirits because when we are receiving enlightenment we are surrounded by the angels and spirits who are receiving more enlightenment than others from the Lord alone.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 148-150

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