Through Temptations and Conflicts

The Lord made his Human Divine by Temptations admitted into Himself, and by continual victories then. Temptations are nothing else than combats against evils and falsities; and since evils and falsities are from hell, they are also combats against hell. With men also who are undergoing spiritual temptations, there are evil spirits from hell who induce them. The man does not know that evil spirits induce temptations; yet it has been given me to know, from much experiences, that they do. From this it is that a man, when from the Lord he conquers in temptations, is drawn out of hell and raised up into heaven. Hence it is that by temptations or combats against evils, a man becomes spiritual, thus an angel.

But the Lord fought from his own power against all the hells, and utterly subdued and subjugated them; and by his having at the same time glorified his human, He keeps them subdued and subjugated forever. For, before the Lord’s Coming the hells had grown to such a height that they began to infest the angels of heaven themselves; and in the like manner every man coming into the world and going out of the world. The reason that the hells had grown to such a height, was that the Church was utterly devastated; and men in the world, from idolatries, were in nothing but falsities and evils; and the hells are from men. Hence it was that no man could have been saved unless the Lord had come into the world.

These combats of the Lord are much treated of in the Psalms of David and in the Prophets, though little in the Evangelists. These combats are what are meant by the temptations which the Lord endured, the last of which was the passion of the cross. It is from them that He is called the “Saviour and Redeemer.” This is so far known in the Church that they say that the Lord conquered death, or the devil, that is Hell; and that He rose again with victory; as also that, without the Lord there is no salvation. That He also glorified his Human, and that He thereby became the Saviour, Redeemer, Reformer, and Regenerator forever will be seen in what follows. That the Lord became the Saviour by combats or temptations is manifest from the passages adduced above, and from Isaiah 63:4, 6, 8. And Psams 24:7-8.

from The Human Made Divine, Pages 135-136

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