Heaven’s Form, Which Determines How People Associate and Communicate There (Continued)

To the extent that people are in heaven’s form they are in heaven and are in fact a heaven in least form (Section 57). Further, they live in intelligence and wisdom to that same extent, for as already noted, all the thought of our intellect and all the affection of our volition reach out round about us in heaven according to its form and communicate wonderfully with the communities there, and they in turn communicate with us.

There are people who believe that their thoughts and affections do not really reach out around them but are inside them, because they see what they are thinking as inside themselves and not as remote from themselves. They are sadly mistaken, though; for just as our eyesight reaches out to remote objects and is affected in keeping with the patterns that it sees in that outreach, so our inner sight, which is an attribute of our intellect, has an outreach in the spiritual world even though (for reasons presented in Section 196 above) we do not perceive it. The only difference is that our eyesight is affected on the natural level because it is made of materials from the natural world, while the sight of our intellect is affected spiritually because it is made of materials in the spiritual world that all have to do with what is good and true. The reason we do not know that this is the case is that we do not know that there is a certain light that illumines our understanding. Yet without the light that illumines our understanding, we would be incapable of thinking anything. (On this light, see above, Sections 126–132.)

There was one particular spirit who believed that he thought independently—that is, without any outreach beyond himself and therefore communication with the surrounding communities. So that he might learn that he was wrong, he was deprived of any communication with nearby communities. As a result, he not only lost the power of thinking but actually collapsed lifelessly, just flailing his arms like a newborn baby. In a little while the communication was restored, and bit by bit, as it was restored, he returned to his usual state of thinking.

Some other spirits, who saw this, then admitted that all their thought and affection was flowing in according to this communication—and since this was true of all their thought and affection, it was true of their whole life as well, since all our life consists of our ability to think and to be affected, or in other words, to understand and intend.

from Heaven and Hell, Section 203


Section 57: Published 2/15/2018

Section 196: Published 10/2/2016

Sections 126-132: Published 11/22/2016-11/27/2016

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