Sacred Scripture, or the Word Is Divine Truth Itself

Everyone says that the Word that comes from God is divinely inspired, and is therefore holy, but thus far no one knows where in the Word this divine element is. This is because in the letter, the Word seems pedestrian, stylistically strange, not sublime or brilliant the way some literature of the present century is. That is why people who worship nature as God or who elevate nature over God and whose thinking therefore comes from themselves and their own interests rather than from heaven and the Lord can so readily slip into error concerning the Word and into contempt for it. When they read it they say to themselves, “What’s this? What’s that? Is this divine? Can a God of infinite wisdom say things like this? Where is its holiness, and where does its holiness come from except people’s religious bias and consequent credulity?”

from Sacred Scripture–White Horse, Section 1


First Published 4/11/2016

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