There Is a Spiritual Meaning in the Word, Which Has Been Unknown until Now

This will be presented in the following sequence.

1. What the spiritual meaning is.

2. This spiritual meaning is throughout the Word and in all its details.

3. The spiritual meaning is what makes the Word divinely inspired and makes every word in it holy.

4. This meaning has not been recognized before.

5. From now on it can be given only to people who are focused on genuine truths that come from the Lord.

1. What the spiritual meaning is.

The spiritual meaning is not the meaning that shines forth from the Word’s literal meaning when we study and interpret the Word in order to confirm some dogma of the church. That meaning is the literal meaning of the Word.

We cannot see the spiritual meaning in the literal meaning; it is within the literal meaning the same way the soul is within the body, thought is within the eyes, or a feeling is within a facial expression— the two act together as cause and effect.

It is primarily this meaning that makes the Word spiritual not only for us but for angels as well; so by means of this meaning the Word is in communication with the heavens.

from Sacred Scripture–White Horse, Section 5

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