There Is a Spiritual Meaning in the Word, Which Has Been Unknown until Now

 1. What the Spiritual Meaning Is (Continued):

Then too, we cannot know what the difference between these qualities is unless we know about correspondence, since these three qualities are absolutely distinguishable from each other, like a goal, the means to it, and its result; or like the first, the intermediate, and the last. However, they coalesce by means of their correspondence, since what is earthly corresponds to what is spiritual and also to what is heavenly.

You may see what correspondence is, though, in Heaven and Hell, under the headings “The Correspondence of Everything in Heaven with Everything in the Human Being” (Sections 87– 102) and “The Correspondence of Heaven with Everything Earthly” (Sections 103– 115). There will be more to see in the examples from the Word cited below [Sections 9– 17, 29, 35, 40: 2– 49, 79].

Since the Word is inwardly spiritual and heavenly, it was composed using nothing but correspondences; and when something is written by means of nothing but correspondences, its outermost written sense takes on the kind of style we find in the prophets and in the Gospels, a style that has divine wisdom and everything angelic hidden within it even though it seems to be commonplace.

from Sacred-Scripture–White Horse, Sections 7-8


Section 87-102 from Heaven and Hell: Published 6/4/2017-6/12/2017

Sections 103-115 from Heaven and Hell: Published 6/17/2017-6/26/2017

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