Light and Warmth in Heaven (Continued)

It should be realized that the divine good and divine truth that come from the Lord as the sun in the heavens are not in the Lord but are from him. All that is in the Lord is divine love, which is the reality from which divine good and truth become manifest. Becoming manifest from reality is what “emanating” means. This too can be illustrated by comparison with our world’s sun. The warmth and light in our world are not in the sun but are from it. In the sun there is nothing but fire, and warmth and light become manifest and emanate from it.

Since the Lord as the sun is divine love, and divine love is the essential divine good, the divine that emanates from him—his divine nature in heaven—is called divine truth for the sake of clarity, even though it is divine good united to divine truth. This divine truth is what is called “the holy” that emanates from him.

from Heaven and Hell, Sections 139-140


Preivously Cited: 12/2/2016

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