Our Resurrection from Death and Entry into Eternal Life

I will now relate the steps by which we move from bodily life into eternal life, in order to show how a person is revived. The explanation is based not on hearsay but on my own personal experience.

I was brought into a state in which I was unaware of physical sensation–almost into the condition of someone who is dying. My inner life and thinking remained unimpaired, however, so that I would perceive and remember what was happening. I underwent the same experiences as those who have died and are being revived, when their breathing is at first consistent with continued life and then falls silent.

Heavenly angels were present, occupying the area of my heart, so that I seemed to be at one with them in my heart. We were so close that at last hardly anything of my own remained to me besides thought and the perception that comes with thought. This lasted several hours.

In this way I was removed from communications with spirits in the world of spirits. They assumed I was departed bodily life.

In addition to the heavenly angels occupying the region of my heart, there were two angels sitting at my head. I perceived that this is so for everyone.

The angels sitting at my head were completely silent, communicating their thoughts only by the face, so that I felt something like a new face come over me–two new faces, in fact, since since there were two angels.

When the angels perceived that their faces are being mirrored, they know the person is dead.

After recognizing their faces on me, they caused certain changes in the area around my mouth and in this way shared their thoughts with me. (To speak through the area around someone else’s mouth is common for heavenly angels.) I was able to perceive their thought-speech.

I smelled a sweet fragrance, like that from an embalmed corpse. Whenever heavenly angels are present, the scent of a dead body comes across as sweet. If evil spirits smell it, they cannot come near.

All the while I remained at one with the heavenly angels, held in a fairly close embrace in the area around my heart, as I perceived and also felt in my pulse.

The idea was instilled in me that angles hold us in any thoughts we have at the moment of death that are devout and holy. I also gathered that when people are dying most of them are thinking about eternal life–few are thinking about their salvation or happiness–so the angels keep them in that thoughts about eternal life.

The heavenly angels hold us in this thought quite a while before withdrawing and leaving us to the spiritual angels who then become our companions. Meanwhile we fully, if dimly, believe that we are still alive in our bodies.

As soon as the internal organs of the body grow cold, our living substances, wherever they are located, are separated out. This would happen even if they were lost in the thousand interlinking passages of a labyrinth. The Lord’s mercy, which I had already experienced as a living and powerful pull, is so strong that it could not leave any living element behind.

The heavenly angels sitting at my head remained with me a while after I was “revived” without speaking except in their silent way. From their thought-speech I learned that they completely discounted all my misconceptions and falsities. It was not that they ridiculed them; they appeared not to care about them at all.

They speak by thoughts, without sound. This is the way they start to talk with the souls whom they accompany in the beginning.

People revived in this way by the heavenly angels are still experiencing a dim sort of life. When it is time to pass the people on to the spiritual angels, the heavenly angels wait a little and then withdraw once the spiritual angels have arrived. I was also shown the latter enable the reviving soul to receive the use of light.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 1, Sections 168-181


Previously Cited: 5/1/2016-5/3/2016

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