Heaven and Heavenly Joy (Continued)

The angelic state is such that everyone conveys his or her own blessings and happiness to others. In the next life there is a communication and keen perception of all feelings and thoughts, so that in the sharing of joy each communicates to all and all to each, which essentially makes every individual the center of all the rest.

This is how heaven is set up. As a result, the more people there are to make up the Lord’s kingdom, the greater the happiness is; it increases as the numbers increase. This is why heavenly happiness is inexpressible. Such a sharing of all with one and one with all exists whenever we love another person more than ourselves. But when we wish better to ourselves than to another, self-love takes control. Self-love shares nothing of its own with others except its self-conception, which is actually something extremely filthy. When this conception is perceived by others, we are immediately cut off and rejected.

Each and every part of the human body cooperates with the others in both the overall functioning of the whole and the specific functioning of each part. It is the same in the Lord’s kingdom, which is like a single human being and is also named the “universal human”; everyone there works together, whether at close quarters or more at a distance, and by many different means. This takes place in accord with the plan established and constantly reinforced by the Lord alone for the sake of everyone’s happiness.

from  Secrets of Heaven, Volume 1, Sections 549-550


Previously Cited: 6/2/2016

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