The Hells: The Hells of Those Who Spent Their Lives in Adultery and Lechery; in Addition, the Hells of Deceivers and Witches

Under the heel of the right foot is the hell of those who enjoyed cruelty and also adultery and felt the greatest pleasure of their lives in those two things. It is remarkable that people who were cruel while living in the body also practiced adultery more than any others. Such people live in this hell.

There they inflict cruelties in unspeakable ways. In their imaginations they create [giant] mortarlike vessels (similar to those used for grinding herbs) and pestles, which they use to crush and torture everyone they can. They also conjure up executioners’ broadaxes, or something like them, as well as trephines with which they viciously maul each other—and other grim devices besides.

In that hell are a number of Jews who once treated gentiles in the same cruel ways. Today the hell is still growing, the main additions coming from the so-called Christian world. These “Christians” obtained all the joy of their lives from adultery, and most of them were also abusive.

Sometimes their delight is transformed into the reek of human dung, an odor that pours out copiously when the hell opens. I sensed the smell in the world of spirits and almost passed out. This fecal stench comes and goes in hell. It consists of the inhabitants’ pleasure in adultery, converted into a horrible aroma.

As time passes and they finish a certain amount of time living in such scenes, they are left alone, sitting in pain, and seem to turn into misshapen skeletons, although they remain alive.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 1, Section 824

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