Representations and Appearances in Heaven (Continued)

But even though the things that are seen in the heavens are largely similar to things on earth, they are not alike in essence. The things that exist in the heavens come from heaven’s sun, while earthly things come from our world’s sun. Things that arise from heaven’s sun are called spiritual, while things that arise from our world’s sun are called natural.

Things that arise in the heavens do not arise in the same way as things on earth. In the heavens, everything comes into being from the Lord in response to the deeper natures of the angels. Angels do in fact have more inward and more outward natures. Everything that is deeper within them has to do with love and faith, and therefore with their intending and discernment, since their intending and discernment are the vehicles of their love and faith. Their more outward natures, though, are perfectly responsive to their inner natures. This can be illustrated by what we have said above about heaven’s warmth and light, that angels have warmth in keeping with the quality of their love, and light in keeping with the quality of their wisdom. The same holds true for the other things that impinge on angels’ senses.

from Heaven and Hell, Sections 172-173


Previously Cited: 12/13/2016

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